Regina Kearney


“I am strong because I have been weak. I am fearless¬†because I have been afraid. I am wise because I have been foolish” – Unknown

I provide a comfortable, empathetic and empowering environment for those I work with. I understand how important it is to be heard, accepted, and to feel at-ease in order to be able to open up to a counselor and begin working on the challenges you are facing. I am compassionate and honest in my approach.

I specialize in providing EMDR, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), dialectical behavioral (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment (ACT), and solution-focused therapies. These therapies have been widely researched and shown to be effective in addressing a large range of issues and goals, including: reducing or eliminating unwanted symptoms and behaviors, improving regulation of emotions, changing problematic thoughts, and making difficult decisions. I also strongly believe in the therapeutic power of being in nature, as well as the power of moving mindfulness such as yoga, rock climbing, mindful hiking, and art. I enjoy helping those I work with in exploring and identifying activities that support their mental health outside of our counseling sessions.

I am originally from Staten Island, New York and moved to Colorado in 2014 because I wanted better access to outdoor hobbies while still living in a major city, and moving to Denver has allowed me to live my dream. In my free time you will find me skiing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, practicing yoga, trying out new restaurants, cooking, working on craft projects, at a museum, taking my dog on adventures in the mountains, and spending time with friends and family.


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Stony Brook University, 2006
Master of Social Work, Rutgers University, 2010


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Colorado


EMDR Certified Therapist, May 2023


Private Practitioner, 2017
I am the founder and owner of my private counseling practice. I work with individuals and families. I specialize in helping adolescents, teens and adults dealing with depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, fears and phobias, obsessions and compulsions, trauma, grief and loss, relationship problems, or coping with a difficult life transition.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Full Program Team Member, 2016- 2018

As a foundationally trained DBT clinician, I worked on a team as part of a full DBT Program through an outpatient community mental health center. In this role, I provided individual DBT therapy as well as group therapy/skills training to program participants.

Clinician/Therapist, Community Mental Health, 2014- 2017
Provided individual therapy, group therapy, crisis and case management services to adults residing in Denver Skilled Nursing Facilities and receiving mental health services through a community mental health center.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist,
Child and Adolescent Treatment Coordinator, 2010-2014
Provided individual, family, and group counseling to children, adolescents and adults through a private, managed outpatient clinic in Staten Island, New York. Coordinated and managed all child and adolescent treatment services.

Associate Director for A Non-Profit Pilot Anxiety Treatment Program for Children and Adolescents, 2011
Served as the associate director for a pilot treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety disorders in Staten Island, New York.


Kearny, R., Pawlukewicz, J. & Guardino, M. (2014). Children with Anxiety Disorders: Use of A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Model Within A Social Milieu. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 28(1), 59-68.


1828 N. Clarkson Street, #210, Denver, CO 80218